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    Today the docks and all the stern poles have been completed. We do need to do a few tweaks and a bit of cleaning on B dock but you can now plan the launching of your boat. This task would not have been possible without the following people:

    Mike Jackson (Harbormaster), Steve Delisle, Mike and Ann Pace, Steve Brooks, Steve Bucher, Jessica Gestwicki, Michelle Hunt-Jackson, Sam Shroyer, Steve Scherschel, Gary Divine, Justin Rennick, Roger Domingo, and Sergio Bracco.

    Originally we had planned that it might take a full week to accomplish the dock installation since we were faced with a limited crew operating under handicaps like social distancing and working with a face mask. While these restrictions did make things more difficult it did not slow this group down. Offer a word of thanks to these people for helping us to get the sailing season going and giving all of us an escape from the frustrations of being quarantined.

    All of the boat tags and membership cards were mailed today thanks to Glenna Divine our treasurer. Once you receive your tags and membership cards feel free to launch your boats. I will send the final slip assignments out to each of you tomorrow via email. A copy of the dock assignments will be posted on the bulletin board as well.

    The upper level of that clubhouse will remain closed at this time. Our goal is to maintain a safe environment and limit the potential to spread the coronavirus. We will be opening the restrooms shortly but due to a plumbing issue, we are unable to open the restrooms at this time. We will keep you posted when the repairs are complete. Ice will be available in the near future for those who subscribed to the ice program and there will be access to lockers. We will post the first date ice will be available.

    Once we do open the restrooms are requiring that everyone practice good hygiene by washing their hands, using the hand sanitizer, and wiping down the surfaces you touched with the disinfectant provided in each restroom. We will continue to maintain these practices for the foreseeable future. If you find shortages of any of these supplies please notify Charlie Earhart or me immediately so that we can correct the situation.

    Safety is our highest concern and to that end, our expectation is that we maintain social distancing. We try to limit bringing any non-immediate family to a minimum and if we do bring a non-immediate member on the grounds we ensure that they are accompanied by a club member at all times and comply with our hygiene expectations. This has been a tough time for all of us and if we each do our part to comply with the cleanliness and social standards that have been published we can all enjoy a safe sailing season.

    At all times we will comply with all governmental requirements and suggestions. Watch your email for updates on changes positive or negative.

    Joe Kucharski
    Muncie Sailing Club
    Cell (630) 248-5471

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