Transient Guests

A transient guest is an individual (or individuals) temporarily in the Muncie Sailing Club area with a sailboat which they want to park at and launch from the Club facilities for personal recreational purposes. In order to promote sailing and to meet the reciprocal access expectations of USSA members, the Muncie Sailing Club will host transient guests. Such guests must show respect for the club facilities and not interfere with access by Club members. Unless special provisions are made with the Harbormaster or Asst. Harbormaster or a Board officer in their absence, a transient guest boat is only allowed short-term, daytime docking privileges. Boats have to be removed at night and parked in a designated parking area.

A transient guest must be a verified member of a USSA member sailing club.

Transient guests are allowed to utilize the club facilities for a maximum of 14 days. There is no charge for the first two days. Additional days, up to the 14 day maximum, require payment of a daily fee of $7.50. Transient guests are responsible for contacting the City Parks office and paying the required City fees.

Board officers, Harbormaster, and Assistant Harbormaster have the authority to approve transient guests and should make arrangements for payment of fees to the Treasurer.

Transient guests must submit an Application for Membership form with the top section only completed with their contact information. The dates for guest status should be noted on the form.

If an individual wishes to utilize club facilities beyond 14 days per season, they must apply for membership and pay the new-member fee, dues, and appropriate City fees. All club rules would apply.

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